Is Fiat Punto 2011 a good car?

Ride Quality & Handling Very excellent handling, great for city driving and ofcourse in highway power. Hydraulic power steering for great handling and control, Less ground clearance in my model 2011, Poor suspension at bad roads. Punto is an excellent car with interior good for the money you pay.

Why did Fiat stop making the Punto?

Related articles. The recently discontinued Punto was the third iteration of the model. It was decided that a new Punto wouldn’t be a wise move by late FCA boss Sergio Marchionne following the 2008 economic downturn.

How many cylinders does a Fiat Punto have?

With a fuel consumption of 6.1 litres/100km – 46 mpg UK – 39 mpg US (Average), 0 to 100 km/h (62mph) in 14.5 seconds, a maximum top speed of 96 mph (155 km/h), a curb weight of 2271 lbs (1030 kgs), the Grande Punto 1.2 has a naturally-aspirated Inline 4 cylinder engine, Petrol motor.

Where is the Fiat Punto made?

Fiat Grande Punto
Production 2005–2018 (Europe) 2007–2017 (South America) 2008–2018 (India)
Assembly Italy: Melfi, Potenza; Mirafiori, Torino Brazil: Betim India: Ranjangaon, Pune (Fiat India)
Designer Giorgetto Giugiaro at Italdesign
Body and chassis

What replaced the Punto?

Fiat Argo
Today first pictures emerged of the new Fiat Argo, a model designed by Fiat’s Brazil division and intended to replace models based on the 12-year-old Punto in the Latin America market.

Who designed Punto?

Punto was the best selling model in the Fiat India’s Lineup. Fiat had sold 72,235 units in the 10 years of the lifecycle of the model. Timeless Design – Even as on date Punto stands out as one of the best looking hatchback on the road! No wonder it was designed by the legendary Giugiaro.

What is a Dualogic transmission?

The DuaLogic transmission is used in some Fiat cars to deliver better performance combined with fuel economy. The DuaLogic gearbox combines the features of an automatic gearbox with those of a manual gearbox, and uses an onboard computer to aid performance and fuel savings.

When did the Fiat Punto get the round badge?

The round Fiat badge, found only on the bonnet of second-generation models, was introduced on the tailgate of the second generation facelift. On 1 June 2005, Fiat produced the 6,000,000th Punto at the Melfi plant.

What kind of gearbox does a Fiat Punto have?

Particular versions of the first generation Punto were the Punto 6Speed, a 1.1 FIRE Punto 55 with a six speed gearbox, the Punto Selecta with a CVT type automatic gearbox, and the Punto ED (Economical Drive), a 1.1 Punto whose five speed gearbox was designed for high fuel efficiency.

What is the ground clearance of Fiat Punto Evo?

This car also sports an SUV like ground clearance of 185mm for diesel and 195mm for petrol to suit Indian roads. In October 2014, Fiat India released the Avventura, which was a crossover variant of the Punto Evo. Production of the Punto finally ended in August 2018, with no direct successor being announced.