Is A10 6800k good?

using APU A10 6800k richland as a processor without graphic card addition. The CPU will work very well with dual DDR3 RAM 2133 mhz installed together on your motherboard. In case, the quality of its graphic depends on RAM u have. Without proper RAM, you will not be able to use it at maximum performance.

When did the AMD A10-7850K come out?

The AMD A10-7850K is a desktop processor with 4 cores, launched in January 2014. It is part of the A10 lineup, using the Godaveri architecture with Socket FM2+.

Is AMD A10 7850K good?

Overall, the AMD A10-7850K is a great improvement over the previous generation APUs in AMD’s A-series line. Especially in terms of gaming performance when using the integrated graphics, it is about 10% faster than the previous generation APUs.

Is AMD A10 6800K?

The AMD A10-6800K is a desktop APU from the Richland series. The chip is produced ​​in a 32nm process and integrates 2 modules with 4 CPU cores clocked at 4.1 to 4.4 GHz….AMD A10-6800K.

Series AMD A-Series (Desktop)
Manufacturing Technology 32 nm
Die Size 246 mm2
Max. Temperature 74 °C
GPU AMD Radeon HD 8670D (844 MHz)

How many cores does A10 6800K have?

four cores
AMD Memory is designed and tested to work with AMD platforms and components but may not be supported on all chipsets and processors developed by other manufacturers. The A10-6800K processor functions on four cores clocking in at a speed of 4.1 GHz for a blazing performance.