How would you relate the story of Romeo and Juliet in the present situation of the youth today?

Romeo and Juliet were like kids in that they were finding there way in a world that was putting pressure on them to conform to societal norms That is how it seems to be today. Romeo and Juliet both knew precisely what decisions they wanted to make and how they wanted to direct their own lives.

What was the woman’s role in Romeo and Juliet?

Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet in the 16th century, at a time where the role of the woman was to be subservient to men and act as a wife to their husband and a mother to their children. Women were expected to conform to the expectations of society, and were seen as possessions by their fathers and husbands.

How does Romeo describe Juliet Class 12?

He says her “beauty too rich for use, for earth to dear.” Compared to the other women at the party, Juliet is like a white dove among crows. He famously says he “ne’er saw true beauty till this night.” In Act II, during the famous balcony scene, Romeo glorifies Juliet’s beauty by saying Juliet is the sun.

What do Shakespeare’s references to light and dark tell us about the nature of Romeo and Juliet’s relationship?

This quotation reminds us that Romeo and Juliet’s light shines most brightly in the dark — it is a muted glow associated primarily with stars, torches, and the dawn, rather than with sunlight, which is almost obscenely bright. Like the darkness, their love is associated with mystery, emotion, and imagination.

Why is Romeo and Juliet relevant in 2021?

Romeo and Juliet’s story is still relevant today, as people in society and religion have similar experiences with what they went through. But there are also common events that happen in religion that are also similar to Romeo and Juliet. Arranged marriages in Muslim culture. Forced marriage by parents.

How are Romeo and Juliet personalities different?

Romeo is a passionate, extreme, excitable, intelligent, and moody young man, well-liked and admired throughout Verona. Juliet, on the other hand, is an innocent girl, a child at the beginning of the play, and is startled by the sudden power of her love for Romeo.

Is there sexism in Romeo and Juliet?

Sexism shows up multiple times in the play Romeo and Juliet. The stereotype of women being weaker than men is portrayed throughout the play.

How does Shakespeare present ideas about gender in Romeo and Juliet ‘?

In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare suggests that women do not have to abide by the feminine role. Juliet is Shakespeare’s best example of this because she asserts her opinion and does what she wants, characteristics usually reserved for the masculine male.

How does Juliet describe Romeo beauty?

He tells us that her beauty was like twilight, soft and radiant, and shines just like a glittering jewel worn by a dark-skinned woman, an Ethiopian woman. Her beauty according to Romeo was priceless and too rich for use and very expensive for humans, meaning that everybody cannot afford to have a beauty like Juliet.

Who does Romeo describe Juliet?

Romeo initially describes Juliet as a source of light, like a star, against the darkness: “she doth teach the torches to burn bright! It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night.” As the play progresses, a cloak of interwoven light and dark images is cast around the pair.

What conclusion can be drawn about Juliet based on her reaction to Romeo’s departure?

What conclusion can be drawn about Juliet based on her reaction to Romeo’s departure? She depends on Romeo and dreads life without him.

Why do you think Shakespeare uses images of the sun and moon in Romeo’s speech?

Romeo wants the sun, Juliet to kill the envious moon, Rosaline because Romeo wants to get over her and fall completely in love with Juliet. The moon is envious because it is compared to Rosaline’s face.