How often should a lung nodule be checked?

Most patients with lung nodules will schedule periodic follow-up appointments at 3-, 6-, or 12-month intervals to see if the lung nodule grows or changes over time. This ensures your care team can catch any signs of lung cancer early—or provide peace of mind that you don’t have cancer.

How long should you monitor lung nodules?

If your nodule is small or its features suggest a low likelihood that it represents cancer, we may recommend that imaging is repeated in an interval of weeks or months to monitor stability. Nodules may be monitored at intervals (for example 3, 6, or 12 month) for two years to assure stability.

How often should you have a lung CT scan?

If people do decide to get screened, they should get screened every year through age 74, as long as they are still healthy. A possible drawback of this test is that it also sometimes finds abnormalities that turn out not to be cancer, but that might still need to be checked out with further tests.

How long wait for CT scan results?

After analysing the images, the radiologist will write a report and send it to the doctor who referred you for the scan so they can discuss the results with you. This normally takes a few days or weeks.

How much is a CT scan of lungs?

The test is expensive. A spiral CT scan costs $300 or more. Insurance usually pays for the test for lung cancer screening only if you have a very high risk for developing lung cancer. And the test often leads to other costs. Many people have false alarms that lead to more tests and procedures.

How fast does a lung nodule grow?

Benign pulmonary nodules are just that—benign. There is very little growth or change, if there’s any at all. Cancerous pulmonary nodules, however, are known to grow relatively quickly—usually doubling in size every four months but sometimes as fast as every 25 days.