How much is a skip in Auckland?

2cbm General Waste Mini Bin $160 Mini skip bins come in 3 sizes: 2, 3 and 4.5 cubic metres. They are delivered in a small lightweight truck that is ideal for a smaller clean up in Auckland. General waste only, no hardfill (soil, concrete etc), paint or liquid/oil, polystyrene, tyres, asbestos or hazardous waste.

How big is a 6 cubic Metre skip?

Volume: 6 cubic metres. Length: 3.7 metres. Width: 1.6 metres. Height: 1.3 metres.

What can I put in a skip bin NZ?

You can, however, fill your skip with the following materials:

  • General waste: furniture, appliances, office waste.
  • Green waste: tree branches, timber, grass clippings, leaves.
  • Hardfill & rubble: concrete, tiles, pavers, bricks, sand, soil.

What is Cleanfill Hardfill?

Clean/Hardfill Clean hard fill is comprised of items such as concrete, bricks and stones. The “clean” in clean hard fill means that the waste is not contaminated by any other form of waste. These skip bins are typically used for worksites and construction companies, as well as DIY’ers.

Can you put concrete in a skip?

Suitable items you can put in your skip include: Household items such as – wood, tiles, plaster, furniture, paper and cardboard, garden waste and clothes. Heavy materials such as – bricks, concrete, metals, pottery and clay, rubble and stones.

Can you plan a red bin?

A: The 120 litre redBIN is generally used for households of under three people and the 240 litre are used for households with three or more people. A: Place your order by 4:00pm on the business day prior to your collection and we will put them in your letterbox when we empty your blueBIN.

How big skip do I need?

Common Skip Sizes

Skip Size Volume No. of bin bags
Midi Skip 4 cubic yards 25-35
Small Builders’ Skip 6 cubic yards 40-55
Large Builders’ Skip 8 cubic yards 60-75
Large Maxi Skip 12 cubic yards* 90-110

Can you build on clean fill?

Avoid building on top of fill dirt. If you need to build on fill, use compacted gravel for fill rather than dirt. Compacted gravel will settle less than dirt. It may be possible to build on soft ground if you take extra precautions such as grade beams to make sure your foundation footings are supported by solid ground.

What is fill waste?

Clean fill is waste material, generally collected from construction projects, that can be repurposed for future projects. To be classified as clean fill the waste material has to contain (in isolation or in combination) dirt, cement, concrete, gravel, brick, top soil, sand, and rubble.