How much does it cost to get a tennis racket restrung?

The average cost to restring a tennis racket is $40, but it can range from $15 to $75. Costs are split between labor ($10-25 per racket) and strings ($2-50 per set). Players should string their racket as many times per year as they play per week. Stringers can be found at your local club, sports shops, or online.

Is it worth Restringing an old tennis racquet?

It is worth it to restring a tennis racquet because you stand to benefit a lot from the re-stringed tennis racquet. First, you will save money because it is cheaper to restring a tennis racquet rather than buy a new one. Restringing a tennis racket also improves your game.

Can I restring my own tennis racquet?

If your tennis racquet is old or damaged, you can re-string it without having to buy a new racquet. If you don’t play tennis that often, it’ll be cheaper to pay someone to restring your racquet. However, if you play tennis several times a week, it might be worth investing a few hundred dollars in a stringing machine.

How long does it take to get a racquet restrung?

How long does it take to restring a tennis racket? It normally takes 30-40 minutes. It relies more on the degree of ability than the frequency at which you practice hitting the ball to decide whether you ought to restring your racquet.

Can I use a 20 year old tennis racket?

Some are, some are not. There are 20-30-year-old racquets that work well today. And there are modern racquets that play better than most old-school racquets. A good racquet is a good racquet.

How many times can you restring a racquet?

How Often Should You Restring Your Racquet. The general rule of thumb is: as many times as you play in a week is how many times a year you should have your racquet restrung. So, if you play 3 times a week, you should restring your racquet every 4 months. Remember, this is a general rule.

How often do pros restring a tennis racquet?

Touring pros restring every day. Recreational players restring anywhere from every three or four times they play to once a decade, or until the strings break.