How many years old is Suneo?

Suneo is the oldest out of the boys (in 2005 series, excluding Doraemon), being born on February 29 followed by Gian, born on June 15, and then Nobita, born on August 7. Although some sources claim that Suneo is 1 year younger than the boys because of his height and he is the shortest of the group.

Who has Tomokazu Seki voiced?

Tomokazu Seki is a Japanese voice actor known for voicing Gilgamesh, Yoshimitsu, and Shinya Kogami.

What does Suneo father do?

Suneo’s father, also known as Mr. Honekawa, is a very successful businessman. His public relations give Suneo many things to show off. He is often the one who initiates holiday tours that Suneo would invite his friends for.

Who is Shizuka crush?

It is hinted that Shizuka also develops feelings for Nobita but these developing signs (she loves Nobita) are also seen in a few Episodes and in movies that can prove that Shizuka loves nobita. But on the other hand Shizuka has a secret crush on nobita. She sometimes embraces Nobita in a hug, and, rarely, a kiss.

Who is wife of Gian?

Joy Woolbright-Sotto
Joy Woolbright-Sotto, wife of Quezon City Vice Mayor Gian Sotto, announced on Easter Sunday, April 12 that she is expecting their sixth child.

Who Voices Rob Lucci?

Ernesto Jason Liebrecht (born July 11, 1973 in Austin, Texas) is an American actor and voice actor. He’s known for voicing: Hei in Darker than Black, Lavi and Millennium Earl in D. Gray-man, Rob Lucci in One Piece, Syaoran in Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, Train Heartnet in Black Cat and Yato in Noragami.

Who voices Kyo Sohma?

Jerry JewellFruits Basket
Yūma UchidaFruits BasketTomokazu SekiFruits Basket The Final Season
Kyo Soma/Voiced by

Jerry Jewell is an American Voice Actor and Voice Director who works on anime series for Funimation and OkraTron 5000. He is the voice of Kyo Sohma in the English dub of Fruits Basket, both the 2001 version and the 2019 remake.

Who voiced Ulquiorra?

Daisuke NamikawaBleach
Ulquiorra Cifer/Voiced by

Does Dekisugi loves Shizuka?

On Nobita’s bachelor night, all guys in their gank confess that at some point of their life, they have a crush on Shizuka, including Dekisugi. And Dekisugi is still fond of Shizuka. Yet Shizuka ended up choosing the most average guy amongst the group.

Does Shizuka like Dekisugi?

Shizuka Minamoto Shizuka and Dekisugi both of them are very good friends. In Stand by Me Doraemon, Dekisugi reveals that he did propose to Shizuka, but she turned him down, because she felt that, he’s not going to need her support.