How many volumes of wytches?

7 book
Wytches (7 book series) Kindle Edition.

Will there be a Wytches Volume 2?

Although he’s been hard at work for DC, Snyder has now revealed when fans can expect to see the two horror comics return. Snyder said on Twitter that he and Albuquerque are aiming to release the next chapter of American Vampire in celebration of the series’ 10th anniversary in 2020.

How many issues of wytches are there?

Wytches is a six-issue comic book limited series written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by Jock….Wytches (comics)

Publication date October 2014 – March 2015
No. of issues 6
Creative team
Created by Scott Snyder Jock

How many volumes of American Vampire are there?

6 volumes
There are 6 volumes in this series. Select the number of items you want to purchase.

How many issues will Gideon Falls be?

Gideon Falls
Publication date March 2018 – December 2020
No. of issues 27
Creative team
Created by Jeff Lemire Andrea Sorrentino

Is American Vampire Cancelled?

American Vampire Returns for Its Final Chapter! BURBANK, CA (July 16, 2020) – America is broken. “Scott, Rafael, and I, we cut our teeth together on American Vampire 10 years ago,” said executive editor Mark Doyle. “Returning to finish the story we started a decade ago is a thrill.

What order should I read American vampires?

American Vampire Reading Order Guide

  1. American Vampire #1 cover by Rafael Albuquerque.
  2. American Vampire: Second Cycle #1 cover by Rafael Albuquerque.
  3. American Vampire 1976 #1 cover by Rafael Albuquerque.
  4. American Vampire Volume 4 cover by Rafael Albuquerque.

How many volumes of descender are there?