How many talukas are there in Latur district?

10 talukas
Today, Latur district consist 10 talukas namely, Latur, Ausa, Nilanga, Udgir, Ahmedpur, Jalkot, Chakur, Shirur Ananlpal, Deoni, and Renapurclassified under five subdivisions with 948 villages.

How can I pay my Latur property tax online?

To pay property tax, you need to open official web portal of Latur Municipal Corporation or check below given link. On this page there are given several services options, click on Known and Pay Your Property Dues option and see below given link to pay tax.

How can I get my birth certificate online Latur?

In the first step, you have to visit the official portal After this, you need to fill online application with the correct details for the LMC Birth Certificate. Then click on submit a link to apply for Maharashtra Birth Certificate.

Who is new Collector of Latur?

officer Prithviraj BP
Indian Administrative Service officer Prithviraj BP was on Tuesday appointed collector of Latur district in Maharashtra, officials said.

What is area of Latur?

12.57 mi²

Is Latur developed?

Latur district has an ancient historical background. The King ‘Amoghvarsha’ of Rashtrakutas developed the Latur city, originally the native place of the Rashtrakutas….Historical Background Of Latur.

Sr.No Sub Divisions Talukas
4 Udgir Udgir,Jalkot
5 Ahmedpur Ahmedpur,Chakur

Who is mayor of Latur?

Latur Municipal Corporation

Latur City Municipal Corporation
Mayor Mr. Vikrant Gojamgunde, INC
Commissioner Mr. Aman Mittal (IAS)
Deputy Mayor Mr. Chandrakant Birajdar, BJP

How can I get marriage certificate in Latur?

Link for application form : Application Form Link please select the form under “Form”. Fill the Application form duly signed by both husband and wife. Submit it to the receiving authority along with required documents and fees as advised. The submitted application will be recorded in the registry after verification.

How many IAS are in India?

The UPSC Civil Services exam is conducted every year in India to recruit officers into the civil services. This is a rigorous exam in which there are three rounds each of which eliminates failed candidates….Home States of IAS Officers in India.

Home State No. of IAS Officers in service in India
Uttar Pradesh 717
Bihar 452
Rajasthan 322
Tamil Nadu 318

Why Latur is called Latur?

Latur has an ancient history, which probably dates to the Rashtrakuta period. It was home to a branch of Rashtrakutas which ruled the Deccan from 753 to 973 AD. The first Rashtrakuta king, Dantidurga, was from Lattaluru, the ancient name for Latur. Ratnapur is also mentioned as an historic name for Latur.

Is Latur a metro city?

Latur is a city in Maharashtra state, India, and is one of the largest cities of the Marathwada region. It is the administrative headquarters of Latur district and Latur Taluka….

Population (2011)
• City 396,955
• Metro 500,000
Demonym(s) Laturkar