How many STD codes are there in India?

STD Code List of Tier-1 Cities in India

STD Code City Name State Name
11 New Delhi Delhi
22 Mumbai Maharastra
33 Kolkata West Bengal
44 Chennai Tamil Nadu

What is STD Code India?

India/Dialing codes

What are the 29 states and capitals of India?

29 States of India and Their Capitals and Languages

Name of the State Capital City Official Languages
Arunachal Pradesh Itanagar English
Assam Dispur Assamese
Bihar Patna Hindi
Chhattisgarh Raipur Chhattisgarhi

What is the STD code of Noida?

STD Codes/on Demand Trunk Numbers

City STD Code On Demand Number
New Delhi 011 154
Noida 01189
Osmanabad 02472 159
Panaji 0832 153

What is the STD code of Mumbai?

Mumbai Std Code Number, Maharashtra

Location STD Code State
Mumbai 022 Maharashtra

What is the capital of India all state?

List of Indian States and Union Territories and Their Capitals

State Capital Area
Andhra Pradesh Amaravati 1,60,200 km2
Arunachal Pradesh Itanagar 83743 km2
Assam Dispur 78438 km2
Bihar Patna 94163 km2

What is the STD code of Surat?

The STD code of Surat in Gujarat is 0261.

Location STD Code
Vapi 0260
Surat 0261
Sayan 02621
Bardoli 02622

What is the STD code of Chennai?

Chennai Std Code Number, Tamil Nadu

Location STD Code State
Chennai 044 Tamil Nadu

What is the STD code of Delhi?


STD Code City State
011 Delhi Delhi
011 NEW DELHI New Delhi
0120 GHAZIABAD+DADRI Uttar Pradesh
0121 MEERUT Uttar Pradesh

How many Tier-1 cities in India have STD codes?

STD Code List of Tier-1 Cities in India STD Code City Name State Name 40 Hyderabad Telengana 80 Bangalore Karnataka 20 Pune Maharashtra 79 Ahmedabad Gujarat

How to find STD codes for any city?

To get the STD code, you’ll have to select the state and the city and then hit search. Voila! The STD code for that particular city will be displayed. Similarly, in order to find the STD codes of all cities and towns within any state, select a state and the names of its cities and towns will be displayed.

What is the full form of STD?

A Telephone Access Code (STD) is assigned to each city, town and village in India. The larger Metro cities have shorter area codes (STD codes), the shortest being 2 digits.

What are the States and capitals of India?

List of Indian States and Capitals. Here is a list of Indian States and Their Administrative Capitals : Andhra Pradesh – Hyderabad. Arunachal Pradesh – Itanagar. Assam – Dispur. Bihar – Patna.