How many levels are there in Classcraft?

During your Classcraft journey, you’ll naturally progress through four chapters, plus an introduction. Each chapter introduces you to new tools and features and guides your whole class towards even more intrinsic motivation.

How do I get rid of Classcraft?

If you wish to delete your account, you can do so from your account profile. You’ll find the “Delete my Account” button in the bottom righthand side of the screen. Deleting your account is permanent and cannot be undone.

What is the point of Classcraft?

Classcraft integrates easily with everyday classroom activities, encouraging teamwork and collaboration while giving students instant feedback on soft skills, such as attendance, cooperation, homework completion, and classroom behavior.

What are Classcraft kudos?

Kudos is a new feature within Classcraft that encourages students to recognize positive behaviors exhibited by their peers. Kudos helps educators harness the power of gratitude to improve student behavior and motivation for students.

What is the highest level in Classcraft?

Level 18
Yes and no. In theory, the game ends when a student gains all the powers available to their character class. Students must reach Level 18 to gain all those powers, making Level 18 the “end of the game,” so to speak.

What is the max level for Classcraft?

You must reach Level 18 to gain all those powers, which makes Level 18 the “end of the game,” so to speak. But since you signed the Hero Pact, you’ll have to play beyond this point until your class officially ends. If you reach Level 18, you’re a Classcraft champ!

How do I archive a Classcraft class?

You can delete or “archive” a class from your class settings. Scroll down to the “Advanced” section and select “Archive.” Archiving a class deletes it from your “My Classes” list on the Teacher Dashboard.

How do I delete a Classcraft student?

If students leave permanently, you can remove them from your class. Just click the pencil across from their name in your “Students” list in the class settings. Click on the red “Remove Student” button and then the red checkmark to confirm your choice.

Does Classcraft cost money?

Classcraft Pricing Overview Classcraft pricing starts at $120.00 per year. There is a free version. Classcraft offers a free trial.

How do you get more powers in Classcraft?

Each time a student earns enough Experience Points (XP) to level up, they’ll earn a Power Point (PP), which they can spend toward learning new powers. Guardians, Healers, and Mages can each learn different powers that can either be game-based, personal, or academic in nature.

How do you level up fast in Classcraft?

When your students behave well in class or follow the rules you have defined with them, you should give them Experience Points, or XP and Gold Pieces (GP). After receiving a set amount of XP (known as reaching the XP level cap), they will automatically level up and progress in-game.

How do you accept kudos in Classcraft?

Click on a kudos in the “Awaiting Approval” section to review it. After you review the kudos, you can: Approve: Select “Approve” if the kudos can be published on the Class Wall as is.