How many Il-76 does Indian Air Force have?

Ilyushin Il-76

Status In production, in service
Primary users Russian Air Force Ukrainian Air Force Indian Air Force Libyan Air Force
Number built 960+
Variants Ilyushin Il-78 Beriev A-50 KJ-2000

Is the Il-76 still in production?

The Ilyushin Il-76 is one of the most versatile aircraft ever created in Russia. Developed in the late 1960s as a replacement for the An-12 turboprops, the four-engine jet was much like the USAF’s C-141, an airlifter that operated until 2006.

How many troops can Il-76 carry?

IL-76MD-90A cargo handling capabilities Il-76MD-90A can carry 126 parachutists or 145 troops in single deck arrangement and 225 troops in double-deck arrangement.

How many tanks can a Il-76 carry?

It has a total fuel tank capacity of 145, 500l, including 109,500l in wing tanks and 36,000 in fuselage tanks. The Il-76MF aircraft is a derivative of the Il-76MD, with the fuselage lengthened by 6.6m. The new PS-90A-76 engines give a 25% higher take-off thrust (16,000kgf) than the D-30KP engines on the MD variant.

Can a il76 carry a tank?

“That aircraft is capable of transporting cargoes of 80 tons at a cruising speed of 770-850 kph to a distance of up to 5,000 km. However, the Il-76 is capable of carrying only one T-72 tank, while to transport a T-90 tank, some of its assembly units will have to be removed,” he said.

How high can a c17 fly?

of cargo the C-17 can take off from a 2,133 meter (7,000 ft.) airfield, fly unrefueled for a maximum distance of 4,400 kilometers (2,400 nautical miles) and land in 900 meters (3,000 ft.)…C-17 Technical Specifications.

Wing Span 51.74 m (169.8 ft.)
Height at Tail 16.79 m (55.1 ft.)
Fuselage Diameter 6.86 m (22.5 ft.)

How many Il India have?

India also has the fleet of 17 IL-76 transport aircraft, as well as the seven IL-78 aerial refuelers, known as ‘Gajraj’ in the Indian Air Force. Can the Indian Air Force’s IL-76 can carry out a similar operation, a military analyst and retired IAF Jaguar pilot Vijainder K Thakur says yes, it can.

Who will buy Tejas?

In January this year, the IAF signed a Rs 48,000 crore-deal with HAL to buy 83 LCA-Tejas Mk1A aircrafts to be delivered over a period of nine years.

Is the Il-476 Russia’s new medium tactical transport?

On Oct 1/12 they unveiled the modernized “IL-476” variant, and within days Russia’s Defense Ministry had signed a RUB 140 billion contract to begin recapitalizing the VVS fleet, alongside the 60 AN-70 medium tactical transports ordered in August 2012. The order also launches the IL-476 as a competitor in the global medium-heavy transport market.

Where is the Il-76MD-90A / Il-476 made?

The IL-76MD-90A / Il-476 is a deep modernization of Russia’s Il-76 Candid transport plane, manufactured in Russia. Prior to it all the Il-78 were produced at TAPOiCh factory in Uzbekistan.

What is the difference between the Il-76 and Il-476?

Compared to previous IL-76 aircraft, the IL-476 reportedly offers an 18% boost to range, a 12% improvement in fuel consumption, better performance in hot temperatures and high altitudes, and a 10.6% improvement in cargo load.

How tall is the Ilyushin Il-76MD-90A?

The aircraft has a length of 46.6m, height of 14.76m, and wing span of 50.50m Ilyushin IL-76MD-90A is a new military transport aircraft (code name: IL-476) developed by Ilyushin Aviation Complex, a subsidiary of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC). It is a modernised version of the IL-76MD which itself is based on the IL-76 cargo aircraft platform.