How many feelings and emotions Worksheets are there?

Welcome to the feelings and emotions section of the site. There are currently 301 worksheets available on this topic; they are free and easy to print out to use in your classroom. This feelings & emotions worksheet uses an amusing character to illustrate thirty different emotions.

What is an example of an emotion?

Feelings are a reaction to how your body is feeling. For example: If you feel scared your body is telling you to react, you might scream or run away. Your body is very clever! Sometimes your body can feel angry. You might feel like hitting out or saying something hurtful.

Do you need a list of emotions?

Sometimes, you just need a long List of Emotions. This printout is just that. The 57 emotions listed on this worksheet range from simple (e.g. happiness, sadness) to advanced (e.g. inadequate, disdain). It can be helpful to have one of these worksheets handy when you’re working with clients who have difficulty verbalizing how they feel…

What is the emotion faces printout?

We created the Emotion Faces printout to help children match a word (and a face) with their feelings… Teach children to control their anger using these bright and fun anger management skill cards. Each of the twelve cards has a picture and an idea for a healthy anger management technique that’s appropriate for kids.

What are the emotional competencies of a pre-schooler?

As young as pre-school age, children have the ability to identiy their emotions and the emotions of others, speak about their emotions, and regulate their emotions. Children who show greater competency in these areas tend to have better peer relationships, and they are viewed more favorably by teachers…

What are the best self-assessment tools for emotion regulation?

There are a few different self-assessment tools available to learn about your own emotion regulation abilities. The three most popular and most evidence-backed scales are included below. The Emotion Regulation Questionnaire, or ERQ, is the most popular emotion regulation scale among psychology researchers.