How many countries and cities are there in the world?

There are 195 nations officially recognized as independent countries in the world, each with its own capital city.

How many cities are in each country?

Number of urban areas by country in 2016

Country Urban areas over 500,000 Urban areas over 1,000,000
World 1,027 498
China 224 101
India 107 59
United States 78 43

How many cities are in USA?

As of 2018, there are 19,495 incorporated cities, towns and villages in the United States. 14,768 of these have populations below 5,000. Only ten have populations above 1 million and none are above 10 million. 310 cities are considered at least medium cities with populations of 100,000 or more.

What are the top ten biggest cities in the world?

Shanghai – China

  • Beijing – China
  • Karachi – Pakistan
  • Istanbul – Turkey
  • Dhaka – Bangladesh
  • Tokyo – Japan
  • Moscow – Russia
  • Manila – Philippines
  • Tianjin – China
  • Mumbai – India
  • Which country has the most number of cities?

    China Even though China is not the largest nation on earth by size,it is the most highly populated with a population of over 1.3 billlion.

  • India India is the seventh largest nation on earth by land area and the second by population right behind China.
  • Brazil
  • What is the best city in the world?

    London, New York or Paris may be exciting places to live. But Vienna is considered the best city in the world to reside, according to a new ranking by Mercer , one of the world’s largest human resources consulting firms. European cities generally took the lead over U.S. cities.

    Where are the most populated cities in the world?

    Here is the list of world’s most populated cities as reported by the UN. 1. Tokyo, Japan : Tokyo tops the list and remains the world’s largest city with 38 million dwellers. 2. Delhi, India: With 25 million, the Indian capital is the second-most populated city in the world.