How many cc is a Yamaha Banshee 350?

It has a bore-stroke ratio of 64 x 54 mm (2.52 x 2.13 inches). The engine displacement is 347 cm3 (21.17 in3) delivered by a dual 26-mm VM26SS Mikuni carburetor with a compression ratio of 6.5:1. The Banshee YFZ350 has a premix lubrication system and a wet-type air filtration system.

How many cc is a 2001 Yamaha Banshee?

Engine. The Yamaha Banshee 350 had a 347 cc, twin-cylinder, two-stroke engine that was liquid-cooled.

How much is a banshee 350 worth?

How much are Banshees worth? There remains a strong market for re-selling the Banshee, since it has one of the most loyal fanbases of any ATV machine available. The average price for a used (no new ones have been manufactured since 2012) Yamaha Banshee 350 is in the range of $2,000 to $3,200.

How fast can a Yamaha Banshee 350 go?

Registered. They’ll do about 120mph.

What is the fastest 4 wheeler?

Yamaha 700 Raptor
The highest speed on a quad bike (ATV) is 315.74 km/h (196.19 mph) achieved by Terry Wilmeth (USA) onboard his ALSR Rocket Raptor version 6.0, a modified Yamaha 700 Raptor at the Madras Airport, Madras, Oregon, USA, on 15 June 2008. The ATV was augumented with a hybrid rocket thruster.

How much is a 2001 Yamaha Banshee worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $5,999 $1,425
Options (Change)
Total Price $5,999 $1,425
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Does a Yamaha Banshee have a battery?

Banshee batteries are made to operate in any position. The Banshee SLA battery has stable and reliable performance. It can be easily maintained to permit proper operation of the equipment that it powers. The battery can withstand overcharge, over discharge, vibration, and shock, and is capable of extended storage.

What is the horsepower of a Yamaha Banshee?

Then, how much horsepower is a banshee? The Yamaha Banshee was a 34 horsepower all-terrain vehicle (ATV) weighing 386 lbs manufactured by Yamaha Motor Company from 1987 until 2006.

What is a Yamaha Banshee?

The Yamaha Banshee is an all terrain vehicle, or ATV, powered by a 347cc two-stroke twin-cylinder engine. Yamaha introduced the Banshee in 1987. It was sold in the U.S. till 2006, in Canada until 2008 and remained in production in Australia until 2012. Officially named the YFZ350, this powerful sport ATV…

What is a Banshee ATV?

The Banshee 350 (YFZ350) was an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) with a two-stroke engine, produced by Yamaha Motor Company . It was manufactured in Japan and sold in the United States from 1987 to 2006.