How do you get the magical stone quest in NieR RepliCant?

After obtaining the Loyal Cerberus Key Fragment and speaking to Popola, go to the Forest of Myth and speak with the Fortune Teller to activate the quest (picture1). After that, go back to Popola and ask her about the magical stone, then travel to the back entrance of the Lost Shrine (pictures2-3).

Where is the NieR eye of power RepliCant?

The Eye of Power can apparently be found at the roof of the Lost Shrine. You gave the stone to the client.

Where do I go after fragments Nier RepliCant?

Getting into the Shadowlord’s Castle in Nier Replicant After obtaining all four fragments in the second half of the game, the protagonist and the party will finally be ready to burst into the Shadowlord’s Castle on top of the Lost Shrine.

What happens if you go back to the village Nier?

That being said, if you take the elevator and get past the doves, you’ll encounter two more NPCs who ask you to return to the village. At this point, you can actually pick the dialogue option that says, yes, you should return to the village, and you’ll spawn back there with no repercussions.

Where is the iron pipe NieR?

Iron Pipe is a One-handed Sword in Nier Replicant and NieR Replicant ver. 1.2247….

Iron Pipe
Location Forest of Myth
Aura Holy

Where is the eagle egg in NieR?

How to get Eagle Eggs

  1. Found in the Aerie village by a hut on the level underneath the Chief’s house.
  2. Rare drop from the crates in the third and final door of the DLC (Recycled Vessel)

Where can I find other magical stones in the game?

Magical Stones are found scattered across the landscape in Cyrodiil. If you are looking for information on smaller magical stones, see the pages on Sigil Stones, Varla Stones, and Welkynd Stones.

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What are the different types of magical stones in Cyrodiil?

If you are looking for information on smaller magical stones, see the pages on Sigil Stones, Varla Stones, and Welkynd Stones. There are two types of ancient magical stones in Cyrodiil: Rune Stones (Runestones) and Doom Stones (Doomstones).

Where can I find the Hestra rune stones?

There are ten Hestra Rune Stones in all (see the oblivion map). Southeast of Bruma. Directly east of Bruma East Gate, near the Silver Road, southwest of Plundered Mine. East of Bruma, Northwest of Cheydinhal. Northwest of Imperial City, West of Fort Caractacus, East of Fort Empire.