How do you get into Masters finance at LSE?

However competitive applicants will be looking for total scores of high 600s or more, with a quantitative section score of 85% or more. Along with GMAT and GRE scores, following are the acceptable scores for English certifications: 2.

How competitive is LSE MSc finance?

Admission to this programme is very competitive. The mathematics used in the programme includes basic calculus and statistics, so applicants are also required to have studied a minimum of A level Mathematics (or its equivalent).

Is LSE good for finance?

In fact, LSE is ranked as the best university in the UK for economics and econometrics and the fourth best in the world behind Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard and Stanford. In fact, only universities from the USA or the UK make it into the world’s 10 best for economics or accounting and finance.

Is LSE MSc finance good?

LSE MSc Finance Overview. The London School of Economics’s MSc Finance (full-time) programme is considered to be one of the world’s best finance master’s degrees, designed ideally for those whose career objectives lie broadly within the financial services sector.

Is getting into LSE tough?

Is London School of Economics hard to get into? Yes, London School of Economics, or LSE, is one of the most prestigious schools for economics studies and one of the most difficult universities to get into.

Is a masters from LSE prestigious?

To sum up, yes. It’s very prestigious.

Is LSE part of UCL?

LSE is a member of the Russell Group, Association of Commonwealth Universities, European University Association and is often considered a part of the “Golden Triangle” of universities in South East England….London School of Economics.

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Motto Latin: Rerum cognoscere causas
Undergraduates 5,160 (2019/20)
Postgraduates 6,895 (2019/20)

Why choose LSE for an MSc in finance & economics?

The MSc in Finance & Economics at LSE was the natural choice to me, and it turned out to exceed my already high expectations. The programme fully exploits what makes LSE one of the top universities in the world, namely its reputation for ground-breaking impeccable research and its overly successful job placement record.

Why study MSc in finance and private equity at Dal?

Thanks to its well-rounded curriculum, the MSc in Finance and Private Equity programme understands how to link financial theories with associated practical applications. I was especially fascinated by how the department facilitated connections among people.

Why did the MSc Finance & PE appeal to you?

The MSc Finance & PE appealed to me because it provides the unique opportunity to incorporate the specialisation in private equity and interact with leading practitioners in the field.

What is it like to study at LSE?

The programme enjoys an excellent reputation with employers globally and the opportunity to be connected with the alumni network of LSE is a great asset to one’s career. I found the workshops and speaker sessions organised as a part of the Professional Development Programme very useful.