How do you get free gold on Cooking Dash?


  1. Always watch ads.
  2. Do the daily challenge.
  3. Try to complete episodes with 5 stars to get bonuses which may contain Gold.
  4. Try to complete Trophies but without requesting to upgrade or buy anything that costs much Gold.
  5. VIPs can also drop Gold, but with low/medium chance depending on their boosts’ value.

Is Cooking Madness a free game?

Become the master chef you have always wanted to be. This year it is this highly free addictive time-management game that’ll bring you the best digital cooking experience! Manage new restaurants, get them back in business and meet new customers!

How do you get VIP on Cooking Dash?

How do I get VIP Tickets?

  1. Prep a Gold VIP Prep Recipe (Trout Almondine, Beef Bourguignon, etc.)
  2. Equip the VIP and start desired episode.
  3. Serve the VIP when they arrive – as promptly and efficiently as possible.
  4. VIP will drop VIP Tickets in their tips upon finishing and leaving.

What does happy hour mean in Cooking Dash?

Happy Hour occurs when you have the right VIP Prep Recipe equipped for their “home” Venue (for example, Lina Sayer’s “home” venue is Table Steaks). This displays every Gold VIP characters “home” Venue for Happy Hour.

How do you beat the trial of style in Cooking Dash?

The Trial of Style is a limited-time event that can be accessed by tapping on the golden structure on the map. You’ll have to earn as many Style Points as possible to beat a series of episodes. Completing these episodes will yield awesome prizes including winning free Prize Wheel spins!

Who owns Cooking Dash?

Diner Dash
Cover art for the Xbox 360 version
Developer(s) Gamelab
Publisher(s) PlayFirst
Designer(s) Nicholas Fortugno, Peter Lee, Eric Zimmerman

How do you get keys in cooking madness?

Use keys to unlock new levels. You can get keys by completing levels with key tags on them. Some levels will require you to beat it 2 or 3 times to get a key!

What kind of game is cooking madness?

Cooking Madness is an Android game reminiscent of other hit games such as Cooking Mama or Cooking Fever. This time, your mission is to serve as many customers as as you can before this bustling bar closes!

How do you get the auto chef in Cooking Dash?

Auto Chefs used to be available to purchase only at certain points in each venue, or through special offers and/or weekend events – usually accompanied with a deadline of 48 hours to buy.

How do you gain XP in Cooking Dash?

XP is earned by playing episodes and purchasing items for your Venue. Higher levels of XP will allow new Special Guest (double coin) Prep Recipes to be unlocked in your Prep Kitchen. Venues (restaurants) can also be unlocked at certain XP levels.