How do you beat Agni and Rudra?

It is advisable to not kill either of them first until they are both extremely low on health. You can stun them both by making their swords clash together. This is easily done by standing between them and shooting at Agni then changing targets for one bullet at Rudra and jumping straight up when they attack.

How do you Parry Agni and Rudra?


  1. Both Agni and Rudra will run to one end of the room, they’ll then run and jump towards you one after the other, knocking you down if you’re in the way.
  2. Both Agni and Rudra will often block your attacks by putting their weapon in front of their face, after 3 hits they will parry your attack.

What is the best weapon in DMC 3?

Cerberus. A three-sectioned nunchaku with the power of ice (and later in DMC5, with the powers of fire and thunder as well), the Cerberus is one of Dante’s best weapons in Devil May Cry 3.

What happened Cerberus DMC?

In Devil May Cry 5: Before the Nightmare, Balrog completely destroyed Cerberus with one solid blow.

What is the strongest weapon in DMC?

Devil May Cry: The 10 Most Powerful Weapons, Ranked

  • 8 King Cerberus.
  • 7 The Cavaliere.
  • 6 Nevan.
  • 5 Yamato.
  • 4 Red Queen & Blue Rose.
  • 3 Balrog/Gauntlets.
  • 2 Alastor.
  • 1 Devil Sword Dante.

What happened Alastor DMC?

Dante finds Alastor embedded in the chest of a sculpture of an agonized woman, and it speaks to Dante of its intent to enslave him. It flies through the air and impales him through the chest, pinning him to the ground and seemingly killing him.

How do you double jump in DMC?

Double Jump is an upgrade to the original Jump Ability. Like Jump, Double Jump is available from the start of the game. This ability summons a demonic platform allowing Dante to jump a second time in the air. All you need to do is click Jump two times.

What is the meaning of the name Nevin?

Meaning:holy, sacred; little bone; servant of the saint’s disciple.

How do you get Rudra and Agni in Devil May Cry?

Agni & Rudra, also known collectively as Firestorm, are a pair of living, twin demon swords sealed away by Sparda himself in Temen-ni-gru. They are the boss of Mission 5 in Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening. After their defeat, they’re playable as weapons to Dante . Dante acquires Agni & Rudra, after defeating them.

How do I beat Rudra and Agni?

When u take out Agni quickly go destroy Rudra before the brothers collide. If this is ur second time through. I suggest Cerberus and Doppelganger. Ur shadow should use Rebellion and U should use Cerberus. If u never destroy Rudra fast and they had combine. Then u must avoid there attacks and charge when he is not attacking.

Why did Dante sell Agni and Rudra to Enzo?

Like many of Dante’s Devil Arms, Agni and Rudra were given to Enzo Ferino as part of his Devil Arms shop, though instead of having them serve as collateral like the rest of his weapons, Dante sold Agni and Rudra to Enzo due them annoying him for talking constantly.

How do you use Agni’s fire ability?

Agni has a Crawler-like ability that will send flames along the ground in a straight line. While in control of both blades, Agni will use a wind-only Twister-like ability while simultaneously launching a Crawler attack. He will also swing the blades, sending fire around his general area.