How do you access Janes?

How to Access Jane’s Online

  1. Go to the NWC Library home page listed under the Library Commons tab and click on the link to take you to the Internet page.
  2. Click on the Library Electronic Resources link to access the A to Z List. Select Jane’s Online.

Is Janes part of IHS?

Janes was original acquired by IHS Markit in 2007 from The Woodbridge Company and under IHS’ ownership, the business has accelerated its transition from a publisher into a digitally driven, data, information and intelligence provider.

What is IHS Janes?

Jane’s Defense & Security Intelligence & Analysis (JANES) Intelligence, consultancy and advertising solutions for the defense, national security and transport sectors. Jane’s has been the world’s leading expert since 1898 for Aerospace, Defence & Security research, insight and analysis.

What is Janes database?

Janes has the most comprehensive and updated unclassified military inventory database in the world, with more than 8,000 lines of land and air forces inventory covering 190 countries. Janes naval inventory includes more than 22,000 vessels of 2,400 different classes broken down by country.

What does Janes stand for?


Acronym Definition
JANES Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Studies
JANES Japan Association for Nilo-Ethiopian Studies
JANES Japan Association for Northern European Studies

Is it Janes or Jane’s?

The forms “Janes” (plural), “Jane’s” (possessive) and “Janes” (corrupted possessive) are widely used. The omission of punctuation in Internet references has made the last form increasingly common in recent years.

Who owns Janes Defense?

It is a unit of Jane’s Information Group, which was purchased by IHS in 2007. The magazine has a large circulation and is frequently cited in publications worldwide.

What does the Jane mean?

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What does the last name Janes mean?

The Janes surname is a patronymic name created from the personal name Jan, which was a Middle English variant of the name John, or as “son of Jan.”

Where did the Janes come from?