How do I view the error log in Ubuntu?

System logs

  1. Authorization log. Location: /var/log/auth.log.
  2. Daemon Log. Location: /var/log/daemon.log.
  3. Debug log. Location: /var/log/debug.
  4. Kernel log. Location: /var/log/kern.log.
  5. System log. Location: /var/log/syslog.
  6. Apache logs. Location: /var/log/apache2/ (subdirectory)
  7. X11 server logs.
  8. Login failures log.

How do I fix Ubuntu software not opening?

Fix Ubuntu 16.04 Software Center not loading apps issue Step 1) Launch ‘Terminal’. Step 2) Run the following command to update the repository sources. Step 3) Now install the updates. Wait for the process to finish.

Where are Apache logs Ubuntu?

Debian / Ubuntu Linux Apache access log file location – /var/log/apache2/access. log. FreeBSD Apache access log file location – /var/log/httpd-access. log.

How do I see application logs in Linux?

Linux logs will display with the command cd/var/log. Then, you can type ls to see the logs stored under this directory. One of the most important logs to view is the syslog, which logs everything but auth-related messages.

How do I fix software center not opening?


  1. Increase the Cache size. Open Configuration Manager Properties from Control Panel. Select the Cache tab. Adjust the amount of disk space to use as desired.
  2. Delete the Cache files. Open Configuration Manager Properties from Control Panel. Select the Cache tab. Click the Delete Files button.

How do I uninstall and reinstall Ubuntu Software Center?

To uninstall Software Center:

  1. sudo apt-get remove software-center.
  2. sudo apt-get autoremove software-center.

What is Gnome software center?

GNOME Software is a utility for installing the applications and updates on Linux. Ubuntu replaced its previous Ubuntu Software Center program with GNOME Software starting with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, and re-branded it as “Ubuntu Software”. It also supports fwupd for servicing of system firmware.

How do I open Apache error log?

On a Linux server, you can access Apache error logs from var/log/apache2/error. log. You can then log out the errors from the error log file by writing the following command: sudo tail -f /var/log/apache2/error.