How do I unlock a second job on Grand Chase?

The second, third, and fourth job change can be obtained by buying the specific mission scroll from the Academy tab in the shop and completing the quest given. As of Grand Chase Eternal, the level requirement has been increased to 20/40/60 for the second/third/fourth job change respectively.

How old is Elesis elsword?


Weapon Claymore, Fire Magic
Age 16
Race Human
Birthday August 21st

Where is Elesis from?

According to a Bingo question, the names of Elesis, Lire, and Arme originally came from the real-world continent of Europe.

Is Grand Chase and Elsword the same?

Grand Chase (Korean: 그랜드체이스, lit. ‘Grand Chase’) was a free-to-play, two-dimensional side-scrolling MMORPG, developed by the South Korean company KOG Studios. Elsword, another game developed by KOG, was created as the spiritual successor to Grand Chase.

What is VP in Grandchase?

Points (also known as Voucher Points or simply VP) is a currency like K-Ching as it is used to buy equipment, pets and more from the K-Ching shop. The difference is that VP is received only through events and it cannot be purchased. The value of the VP is the same as the value of Cash points.

How do you switch weapons in Grand Chase?

to change from the current weapon to a different weapon, especially for a different class. Characters must be at least a minimum of level 45 to Dual Wield. Dual Wielding can only be used in Dungeons. By hitting the Left-Ctrl key, players can cycle between the two weapons with a one second cooldown.

How old is LABY from Elsword?

14 year-old
As she does not age, she explores the world in the form of a 14 year-old and riddles whomever she meets with questions upon questions, always with a big smile on her face. Sadness, rage and hate are alien to her, as her friend, Nisha the mirror, absorbs all negative feelings.

How old is Noah Elsword?


Weapon Sickle (Clamor), Moonstone, Power of Shadow
Age 15
Race Human
Height 162 cm (5 ft 3 in)

Is elsword getting a new character?

The newest character is named Noah and features a playstyle, which can be described as similar to an assassin. He makes use of fast mobility and combines it with the power of the shadows, resulting in a smooth, swift, and rather, flashy gameplay. Noah is also the first character in Elsword to have a unique system.

How do I top up my grand chase history?

Buy Grand Chase Online Credits

  1. Go to Grand Chase Online Website and log in to your account.
  2. Select the game you would like to top-up to and enter your Game ID & Password and click Login.
  3. Select Cherry Credits under Prepaid Cards on the left side of the page.
  4. Select amount of K-CHING to purchase.

How tall is LABY?

5 ft 3 in

Height 159 cm (5 ft 3 in)
Class Tree {{ }}
Voice Actors 장예나 (Jang Ye-na) 加藤 英美里 (Katō Emiri) Faye Mata
Release Date 6 December 2018 3 January 2019 3 January 2019 3 January 2019 9 January 2019 10 January 2019 26 June 2019