How do I run BgInfo for all users?

First place BGinfo into your programs folder. Next run BGinfo, accept the license, and set it the way you want. Next step is to create a shortcut to BGinfo, it might say ‘you cant create a shortcut here would you like to save it to the desktop instead?’ If it does then save it to the desktop.

What is BgInfo startup?

If you manage multiple computers you probably need BGInfo. It automatically displays relevant information about a Windows computer on the desktop’s background, such as the computer name, IP address, service pack version, and more.

How do I run BgInfo on logon script?

How to install:

  1. Download BGInfo and copy it to a network share, I will be using the logon folder located under SYSVOL on my DC.
  2. Create a BGInfo template file (default. bgi) and save it along with any needed images (bg. jpg) on the network share.
  3. Create the logon. bat and BGInfo_Refresh.
  4. Add the logon script to your GPO.

How do I start BgInfo on startup?

To make it run every time we startup the computer, open up Windows Explorer and type shell:startup into the location bar to open up the Startup folder. Then type out the full path to BGInfo followed by the path to the configuration file, followed by the three switches we mentioned earlier.

How do you automate BgInfo?

PowerShell: BgInfo deployment script for Windows Server 2012 R2

  1. Download the latest BgInfo tool.
  2. Create the BgInfo folder on the C drive.
  3. Extract and cleanup the BgInfo.
  4. Download the logon.
  5. Extract and cleanup the LogonBgi.
  6. Create the registry key (regkey) to AutoStart the BgInfo tool in combination with the logon.

How do I start BGInfo on startup?

How do you make BgInfo?

First, you’ll need to get sysinsternals Technet. You simply place the unzipped Bginfo.exe to c:bginfo folder for example and from File menu do a Save As to save the *. bgi file there….Files Needed there are:

  1. Bginfo.exe.
  2. settings. bgi (the personalized config)
  3. file. bat (your script)

How do I deploy BGInfo to group policy?

Apply BgInfo logon script using a Group Policy:

  1. Prepare the Background Wallpaper to apply via BgInfo. You need to:
  2. Prepare a Logon Script to run BgInfo: You can use the following script to run BgInfo:
  3. Apply BgInfo logon script using a Group Policy:

How do I fix BGInfo?

1 Answer

  1. Go to the Startup folder and look and see if there is a shortcut to BGInfo there. If not then go look in Task Scheduler instead.
  2. Look in the file system. There is most likely a BGInfo folder.
  3. Adjust the shortcut (or task) to use the correct bgi file.
  4. If neither file exists then start BGInfo as an admin.

How do I change my wallpaper on BGInfo?

In the App settings screen, select Advanced Settings and scroll down until you see the BGInfo Integration section. Check the tickbox Show BGInfo on Wallpaper. Add the BGInfo Command Line path. BGInfo.exe needs to be accessed by all users that log onto the computer.