How do I get to Spiti valley by bus?

By Bus: Two HPTDC or HTC buses run from Manali to Kaza every day. These buses start operating as soon as the road to Spiti Valley opens between June to October to be transversed from Manali. These buses cover the route from Kullu to Kaza through Manali, and they reach Manali at around 4.45 AM.

Is Manali to Kaza route open?

The only time you can make the trip to Spiti Valley from Manali is between June to mid-October. The Manali to Kaza road opens sometime in mid-June and remains open till the 15th of October. Therefore, if this is your first visit, the best time to take the trip is between July and September.

How do I get to Kaza by public transport?

There is no direct bus from Shimla to Kaza. However, you can take the daily bus from Shimla to Reckong Peo or Chandigarh to Reckong Peo and then travel to Kaza the next day by the daily 7.00 am a bus running between Reckong Peo to Kaza.

How do I get to Kaza by bus?

Manali-Kaza The bus passes through Rohtang Pass, Batal, Kunzum Pass, Losar and takes about 11 hours to reach Kaza. If you have plenty of time, you can detour at Batal or Kunzum Pass for one day each side trek to Chandra Taal, a very scenic lake at the altitude of 4300 meters.

How can I go to Kaza from Shimla?


  1. By Air. Kaza can be reached either from Manali or via Shimla. Indian Airlines and some private airlines operate regular flights to Bhuntar Airport, the nearest airport to Manali.
  2. By Train. Jogindernagar is the nearest railway station.
  3. By Road. It is a 115 km journey from Manali which takes six hours.

How many days is enough for Spiti valley?

You should at least make a Spiti Valley trip in 8 days as you need 5 days in total to reach Spiti via Kinnaur side and come back from Manali side. So, having three more days will help you explore Pin Valley, Langza, Hikkim, Komic, Ki, and Kibber Villages around Kaza.

Is Kaza closed?

Manali Kaza Highway Status = CLOSED | Update Date: 22 March 2021. As per recent updates from BRO and locals, the road from Kaza to Kunzum Pass and a bit further has been opened.

Is Shimla to Kaza open now?

Shimla to Kaza road remains open even during this time of the year.

Is it safe to visit Spiti valley in December?

Can we visit Spiti in December? Answer to this questions is a definite yes. By road, the valley remains accessible throughout the year. The only difference however is that that you can approach it via Shimla only.

Which route is better for Spiti?

Road Conditions from Route 1 (Delhi – Shimla – Spiti) The greatest advantage of taking the Shimla-Spiti route is that the road is mostly in good condition. You will find some of the best and the smoothest road patches between Shimla, Narkanda, Jeori, Karcham, Sangla, and Kalpa.

Which route is better for Kaza?

Shimla kaza route is safer then Manali kaza route , also Shimla Kaza route is better for acclimatization . As you have 8 days you can start from shimla route and end at manali . Also try to go for some home stay in lagza or kaza to experience spiti people life .

Which cars can go to Spiti?

Any SUV will probably be the best car for Spiti Valley. It doesn’t matter if it is a 2 wheel drive or 4×4 but the good ground clearance an SUV offers will be of great help while traveling through Spiti. You can pretty much take it to any area and it will be able to handle the terrain well.

What is the best way to reach Kaza from Reckong Peo?

There are two buses that leave Reckong Peo for Kaza daily. One starts at 7.30 AM every morning and another at 1 PM. This bus passes through Puh, Nako, Tabo Dhankar so you can board this one and get down if you intend to stay at either of these places. It reaches Nako by noon.

Is there a bus from Kaza to GUE to Sumdo?

There are no buses to Gue (Known for the mummy of the Lama). It is around 10 KMs from Sumdo. If you want to try your luck, take any Nako, Reckong Peo, Shimla bound bus from Kaza and get down at Sumdo and then hike or hitchhike.

How can I reach chandertal from Kaza to nako?

Kaza to Nako Take the Reckong Peo or Shimla bound bus at 7.30 AM in the morning. There is no direct bus to Chandertal. You can take to Kaza to Manali bus and get down at Batal. From here, it is still 15 KMs. You cna try to hitchhike, while some adventurous people even try to trek the whole way.

How do I reach Reckong Peo from Shimla?

There is a Bus from Shimla that leaves for Kaza at 6:30 PM. This Bus is a direct Bus from Shimla to Kaza. It travels all night and reaches Reckong Peo sometime at 6 AM.