How do I get a copy of my house deed in Arizona?

Homeowners can request copies of their property records from the Recorder’s Office by calling 602-506-3535 or visiting Click on “Recorder” and “Search Recorded Documents,” enter your name, click on the document you want and select “Buy Document” at the bottom.

What is the property tax rate in Maricopa County AZ?

Arizona Property Tax Rates

County Median Home Value Average Effective Property Tax Rate
Maricopa County $242,700 0.61%
Mohave County $151,100 0.63%
Navajo County $118,800 0.77%
Pima County $173,500 1.01%

How do I find the legal description of a property in Arizona?

Most Arizona county recorder offices or county assessors offices do have an online database property search. This source makes obtaining the Property Legal Descripttion very easy. If you are online, merely go to the appropriate web address URL and run a search.

What county is Casa Grande AZ in?

Pinal County
Casa Grande/Counties
Casa Grande, the second largest community in Pinal County, was founded in 1879 and incorporated in 1915, is named for the famous Hohokam Indian ruins 20 miles to the northeast.

What is my parcel code?

The easiest way to find the parcel number for a property you own is to simply look on your annual property tax bill. The parcel number is clearly marked and it can be found next to your name as the property owner.

What is a quit claim deed in Arizona?

An Arizona quit claim deed is used to transfer property from one person (grantor) to another (grantee) without any warranty as to whether the title is clear. In other words, the person transferring the property is not making any warranties against other claims to the property from others.

How do Maricopa County determine my property taxes?

How are my Property Taxes computed? The Assessed Value divided by 100, times the tax rate (set in August of each year) determines property taxes billed in September. The County Treasurer bills for, collects, and distributes the property taxes.

How old is Casa Grande?

About 143 years
Casa Grande/Age

Who built the Casa Grande Ruins?

Salado Indians
Built by Salado Indians, a Pueblo people, in the early 14th century, it is the only pre-Columbian building of its type in existence. The monument has a museum in its visitor centre that displays local artifacts.