How do I fix Error 13?

The methods to fix Excel runtime error 13 are as follows:

  1. Fix 1: Make use of the ‘Open and Repair’ utility.
  2. Fix 2: Uninstall the ‘error causing program’
  3. Limitations.
  4. Fix 3: Use Stellar Repair for Excel.

What is run-time Error 13 in VBA?

The Run-time Error ’13’ occurs when you attempt to run VBA code that contains data types that are not matched correctly. For example, you cannot add, subtract, divide or multiply a string data value in relation to a numeric type like Integer, Single, Double, or Long.

How do I fix Error 13 in Excel?

In Excel, on the taskbar, select the File tab, then left-click Open from the list provided. Now click on the required file and select Open -> Open and restore -> Restore (you can also select the Extract data tab). If everything goes well, runtime error 13 will not bother you again.

How do I fix Visual Basic error in Excel?

To resolve:

  1. Open a blank workbook in Excel.
  2. Go to File > Options > Trust Center.
  3. Click on Trust Center Settings…
  4. Under Macro Settings, make sure Trust access to the VBA project object model is checked.

How do I fix runtime Error 13 in Excel?

How do you stop a VBA code?

Create a breakpoint, position the cursor on the specific line of your code where you want VBA to pause, and press F9. Alternatively, locate the line of code where you want to add the breakpoint and click on the left grey margin beside the line.

What is Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime error 13?

Main Factors Behind Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime Error 13 Type Mismatch in Excel Runtime Error 13 occurs due to conflicts between the program and operating system When a macro is clicked on by the user or a missing menu function from the Excel file Corrupted/ damaged registry or incomplete installation of Microsoft Excel software

What is Microsoft Excel runtime error 13 type mismatch?

Both MS Excel XLS and XLSX files become unreliable or corrupt at times and may return different errors including Microsoft visual basic runtime error 13 type mismatch in excel. Other than Excel runtime 1004, 32809, 57121 error; Excel Runtime Error 13 also affects MS Excel or its XLS/XLSX files.

What is a run-time error ’13’?

For starters, a Run-time error is the type of error occurring during the execution of the code. It simply causes the subroutine to stop dead in its tracks. The Run-time Error ‘13’ occurs when you attempt to run VBA code that contains data types that are not matched correctly. Thus the ‘Type Mismatch’ error description.

Why do I get data type errors in visualvisual basic?

Visual Basic is able to convert and coerce many values to accomplish data typeassignments that weren’t possible in earlier versions. However, this error can still occur and has the following causes and solutions: Cause:The variableor propertyisn’t of the correct type.