How do I find a job with the NSA?

Use our Job Exploration Tool to match your education, skills and interest to NSA career fields. Browse career fields and view sample jobs. Find a student program that fits your needs. Read more about NSA benefits, career development and diversity initiatives. Check out intelligence community news and careers blog posts.

What can the NSA do now that it can’t now?

What the NSA can’t do now, it will certainly be able to do in a half decade. Repeat this to yourself: You have no digital privacy. The NSA data center in Utah won’t hold data on the scale of yottabytes, but instead will hold perhaps a dozen exabytes, a mere fraction of data compared to some early estimates.

Is a yottabyte the biggest storage capacity we have?

Wired is referring to the fact that a yottabyte is the largest storage term we have, not that septillion is the highest numerical descriptor for a large figure in existence, if you were confused. But what about that yottabyte claim? Is the NSA really building that level of capacity?

What does a computer scientist do for the NSA?

Computer Scientist Uses advanced technologies in computer science and related fields to accomplish ongoing NSA initiatives and programs, including developing technology, tools and testing approaches. Researches solutions and solves technical problems of national consequence.

What does an NSA security and counterintelligence specialist do?

Security and Counterintelligence is responsible for the protection of NSA/CSS information, people, and facilities worldwide. In support of this mission, Security personnel oversee the development, installation, and maintenance of physical security systems.

Where is the NSA General Counsel position located?

This position is located in the Office of General Counsel (OGC) of the National Security Agency (‘NSA’ or ‘Agency’). NSA is a component of the Department of Defense and NSA/OGC is part of the Defense Legal Service Agency (DLSA).

What does a communications officer do at the NSA?

Communications personnel at the National Security Agency (NSA) provide NSA with the means to build capacity through timely and effective tailored communications to inform, educate and inspire.