How can we control the green Semilooper?

Control is achieved by releasing of Trichogramma chlionis at weekly intervals @1.5 lakh/ha/ week for four times. Application of NPV 250 LE /ha with teepol 0.1% and Jaggery 0.5% thrice at 10 – 15 days interval commencing from flowering stage.

Which of the following is the major pest of Castor?

Conogethes punctiferalis is a major pest of castor all over India.

What is a characteristic of castor Semilooper?

Fifth-instar larva. The body has a spectacular, beautiful, velvety, appearance with a mid-dorsal black streak running longitudinally on a black background with noticeable anal tubercles. On either side of the mid-black streak, two narrow, yellow and orange streaks run longitudinally.

How can we control hairy caterpillar in Bihar?


  1. Deep summer ploughing.
  2. Avoid pre monsoon sowing.
  3. Use optimum seed rate.
  4. Adequate plant spacing should be provided.
  5. Intercrop soybean either with (early maturing) pigeon pea variety or maize or sorghum in the sequence of 4:2 should be practiced.

What does a cutworm eat?

Cutworms are general feeders that can attack a wide range of plants. Common vegetables they like to feed on include asparagus, beans, cabbage and other crucifers, carrots, celery, corn, lettuce, peas, peppers, potatoes and tomatoes. A few species feed on turfgrass.

What is girdle beetle?

Symptoms of damage. Girdling of stems and petioles. The inside of the stem is eaten by the larvae and a tunnel is formed inside the stem. The leaves of plant of infected portion are unable to get the nutrient and are dried up.

Which pest of castor can be trapped by installing the pheromone trap?

Install sex pheromone trap for Spodoptera litura @ 10 traps/ha for monitoring and implementing timely control measures….Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices.

Pest Economic threshold levels
Defoliators (semilooper/spodoptera/hairy caterpillars) 25% defoliation

What is white grub?

White grubs are the larvae of scarab beetles from the genera Phyllophaga, Cyclocephala and Popilia. True white grubs are the larvae of Phyllophaga species, while the annual white grubs are the larvae of Cyclocephala species. Adult beetles of true white grubs are called May or June beetles.

What is the meaning of Semilooper?

: a caterpillar that is the larva of any of various plusiid moths and that moves like a geometrid larva.

How do you control a Moringa hairy caterpillar?

IPM for hairy caterpillars

  1. Collect and destroy caterpillars from the plants.
  2. Use light traps to attract and kill adults.
  3. Spray carbaryl 1.0 kg or malathion 50 EC or endosulfan 35 EC 1.0 L in 500 -750 L of water per ha.

What will happen if hairy caterpillar bites?

Caterpillars (long, fuzzy, segmented insects) are unable to pierce the skin with their bite. However, their hairs may get into the skin or eyes, causing symptoms in the area where the hairs entered.

How do you control cutworms naturally?

Look for cut-off or damaged seedlings and dig around the base of the plant to locate the larvae. Bait formulations, sometimes using bran or applying rolled oats with molasses, containing Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki have been known to effectively control cutworm species when applied to the soil.