How can I add two numbers in WhatsApp?

Steps you can follow to set up dual WhatsApp on your smartphone.

  1. Step 1: First, open the Settings of your phone.
  2. Note: For our example, we have used a Xiaomi device.
  3. Step 2: After opening the settings menu, tap App.
  4. Step 3: On the next page, tap Dual app.

How can I use two WhatsApp in one plus one?

How to use dual WhatsApp apps on one phone? Step 1: Go to the settings section of your phone. Step 2: As we are using a OnePlus phone, we typed “Parallel Apps” in the search bar. Step 3: Once you find the feature in the settings, tap on it and then your device will display apps that support the parallel app feature.

Can I have 2 numbers on one phone?

The simplest way to get two phone numbers on one phone is by signing up for a VoIP phone service. Whether you have an Android or iPhone, the OpenPhone app can direct any incoming calls for your business number straight to the phone you already own.

Can you have 2 WhatsApp accounts on one phone iPhone?

WhatsApp 2 is an application copy of WhatsApp that is saved under a different name to allow usage of two instances of WhatsApp. Through the workaround, users can run dual WhatsApp on their iOS devices without any problems. Now set up Whatsapp 2, and you can run dual WhatsApp on your iPhone/iOS device.

How can I use two WhatsApp account on one Samsung phone?

How to set up Dual Messenger?

  1. 1 Go into the Settings menu > Advanced features. Scroll down and then tap on Dual Messenger.
  2. 2 A list of apps which are compatible with Dual Messenger will be displayed. Toggle the switch of the app you wish to use a separate account.
  3. 3 Read the Disclaimer and Tap Confirm to continue.

How can I get a second phone number?

How to get a second phone number without adding a second phone line

  1. OpenPhone. OpenPhone is a VoIP phone service that easily adds a work number to your existing mobile phone.
  2. Sign up for a Google Voice account. Google Voice offers two types of accounts — business or personal.
  3. Download the Burner app.
  4. TextMe.

How can I use 2 WhatsApp in dual SIM Samsung?

How do I connect WhatsApp?

How to connect WhatsApp for PC After downloading the desktop app, launch and install it according to your installation wizard. Now, go to your smartphone’s WhatsApp, settings and select “WhatsApp web”. The camera will turn on so that you can scan the QR code on your PC.

Does WhatsApp give you a phone number?

WhatsApp must be associated with a phone number, and you must have access to that phone number to set up an account with it, however the phone number you register does not have to be the same as your primary number. In other words, you can use any phone number with WhatsApp, as long as you can receive the registration code on the given phone number.

How to use WhatsApp?

1. Download and install WhatsApp from your device’s app store by searching for it. WhatsApp is available for Android , iOS , Windows Phone

  • 2. Allow WhatsApp to access your contacts and send you push notifications. MORE: 10 Best Android Apps You’re Not Using.
  • 3. Enter your phone number . This is how people find you on WhatsApp.
  • 4. Fill in your name . This is how your name will show up in chats with other people that don’t already have your number saved in their address
  • 4. Find a friend to chat with by tapping the Favorites button at the bottom of the screen, then hitting their name . The app automatically adds