Has Australia ever won a Test series in New Zealand?

The Trans-Tasman Trophy is awarded to the winner of the Australia–New Zealand Test match series in cricket. The trophy is awarded to the team that wins a Test series, or one-off Test match, between the two nations….Trans-Tasman Trophy.

Countries Australia New Zealand
Most wickets Shane Warne (103)

Which team has won most Test series in Australia?

Australia is the most successful Test team in cricketing history with an overall winning rate of 47.05%. As of 19 October 2018, Australia have played 814 Test matches; winning 383, lost 220, 209 were drawn and 2 matches were tied….Matches played (by country)

Team Australia
Opponent West Indies
Matches 140
Won 74
Lost 60

Has NZ ever won a Test series in England?

New Zealand won their first series in 1983–84, which was followed by another victory in 1986. Their only other series victory was in 1999. The two sides have played in 32 series with England winning 22, New Zealand 3 and 7 drawn.

Which Australian player has scored the most Test runs?

Player Span Runs
RT Ponting 1995-2012 13378
AR Border 1978-1994 11174
SR Waugh 1985-2004 10927
MJ Clarke 2004-2015 8643

How many times England won Ashes in Australia?

How many times have England won in Australia? England have beaten Australia in their own backyard 14 times in the nearly 200 year history of the series. Previous to 2010/11, England won the 1986/87 Ashes series in Australia. The series was won 2-1 with the second and third matches being draws.

Has Sri Lanka won a Test series in Australia?

The Sri Lankan team won an ODI series against Australia in Australia in 2010….First Test series wins.

Opponent Year of first Home win Year of first Away win
Pakistan 2009 1995
South Africa 2004 2019
West Indies 2001
Zimbabwe 1996 1999

Has Australia won a Test series in India?

India, therefore, started the year with the Test series win in Australia….

Team Australia
Won 3
Lost 1
Tied 0
Draw 1

How many times have NZ beaten India in Test?

India vs New Zealand in Test Series Out of the 24 series played so far, 13 have been won by India while New Zealand have won only 8. Three series have ended in a draw. As far as the number of matches are concerned, India and New Zealand have played 61 matches against one another.

When did Australia win the first Test match against New Zealand?

Only Test at Basin Reserve, Wellington, Mar 29-30, 1946, Australia won by an innings and 103 runs (New Zealand 42 and 54; Australia 199/8d) 1st Test at Melbourne Cricket Ground – Dec 29, 1973 – Jan 2, 1974, Australia won by an innings and 25 runs (Australia 462/8d; New Zealand 237 and 200 f/o).

Who won the 2004 World Test series against New Zealand?

1st Test at Brisbane Cricket Ground, Woolloongabba, Brisbane – Nov 18-21, 2004, Australia won by an innings and 156 runs (New Zealand 353 and 76; Australia 585). 2nd Test at Adelaide Oval – Nov 26-30, 2004, Australia won by 213 runs (Australia 575/8d and 139/2d; New Zealand 251 and 250).

What are the Tests Australia won in 1993?

2nd Test at Bellerive Oval, Hobart – Nov 26-29, 1993, Australia won by an innings and 222 runs (Australia 544/6d; New Zealand 161 and 161 f/o). 3rd Test at Brisbane Cricket Ground, Woolloongabba, Brisbane – Dec 3-7, 1993, Australia won by an innings and 96 runs (New Zealand 233 and 278; Australia 607/6d).

How many wickets did Australia win in the 1980s Test series?

1st Test at Brisbane Cricket Ground, Woolloongabba, Brisbane – Nov 28-30, 1980, Australia won by 10 wickets (New Zealand 225 and 142; Australia 305 and 63/0). 2nd Test at Western Australia Cricket Association Ground, Perth – Dec 12-14, 1980, Australia won by 8 wickets (New Zealand 196 and 121; Australia 265 and 55/2).