Does Yamaha RX A730 have Bluetooth?

And when you are comparing the RX-A730 to other models, remember that it builds in neither Bluetooth nor a wireless adapter. The Yamaha RX-A730 7.2 channel network AV receiver (with independent Zone 2) delivers clean sound with enough power to effortlessly fill a medium-sized room.

Do Yamaha receivers have airplay?

Give your streaming capabilities a boost. Now, with the availability of Apple® AirPlay 2® on the latest Yamaha MusicCast-enabled devices, a solution is at hand. Audio streaming can be done through any AirPlay-compatible speaker, stereo receiver or AV receiver.

How do I connect my Bluetooth speaker to my Yamaha receiver?


  1. Tap the icon (red circle part) at the lower right of display in MusicCast CONTROLLER.
  2. Select the “Bluetooth Transmission” function from the popup menu.
  3. When the “Bluetooth Transmission” setting menu opens, slide the Bluetooth transmission function button to enable it.
  4. Select the device and pair it.

What kind of audio does the Yamaha rx-a730 have?

Details The AVENTAGE RX-A730 provides exceptional Yamaha audio and video quality in a 7.2 ch network AV receiver with independent Zone 2 for whole home entertainment.

What are the extra speaker terminals on the rx-a730 for?

The RX-A730 extra speaker terminals can power one set of speakers for Zone 2 or Presence speakers. If the extra speaker terminals are utilized then the RX-A730 cannot be set for Bi Amp ( Surround Back/BI-AMP terminals). Note: The RX-A730 remote control will be used to access the On Screen Menu of receiver. 1.

Which TV’s are compatible with the rx-a730?

On the video side, both 3D and 4K pass-through is supported so just about any TV present and future can work with this home theater receiver. The RX-A730 is also capable of edge adaptive deinterlacing which optimally interpolates the pixels without producing jaggies.

Is the Yamaha rx-a730 its aventage’s video processing Achilles’ heel?

Its Aventage line of AVRs is in its fourth year of production and has been well received by those of us here at Sound & Vision for its audio prowess, although the video processing has been these AVRs’ Achilles’ heel. Has Yamaha overcome this shortcoming with the RX-A730? Read on and see.