Does Tanzanite have resale value?

Today, overmining of tanzanite has produced a glut on the market that has hurt the resale value of the more common, less-vibrant examples. The Tiffany & Co. tanzanite ring has a retail value of $30,000-$35,000 and a fair market value of $10,000- $15,000.

How much rarer is tanzanite?

Described as ‘a geological phenomenon’, tanzanite is 1,000 times more rare than diamonds. Tanzanite jewellery is extremely valuable and coveted, both for the gem’s rarity, as well as its beauty.

Is tanzanite worth more than diamond?

It’s been said that Tanzanite is like Diamond, but Tanzanite is at least 1000x more valuable and more rare than Diamond. Diamonds have been minded in large quantities. You can’t say that about Tanzanite.

How much does tanzanite cost in India?

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Is tanzanite a good investment 2020?

Tanzanite has a unique niche that makes it very attractive for investment and its rarity and exclusivity makes tanzanite and tanzanite jewellery excellent investment options. It is one of the world’s rarest gems, found in one place – a short area at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania called Merelani.

What color tanzanite is most valuable?

Tanzanite gems with a strong-to-vivid blue, purplish blue and violetish blue color are the most valuable. The two rings at the top of the image are examples. These rich colors are the most appealing to the majority of people shopping for tanzanite. Most tanzanite has a light to medium tone and low to medium saturation.

Why is tanzanite so cheap?

Tanzanite is so rare because it is found and mined in a small area only four kilometers wide and two kilometers long at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in the Manyara Region of Northern Tanzania. Currently, the worldwide wholesale market for rough tanzanite is estimated at US$50 million.

Is blue or purple tanzanite more valuable?

Pleochroism:Gems like tanzanite that possess this feature appear to have different colors when viewed from different angles. But keep in mind that tanzanites with a strong blue hue are usually considered more valuable than those with violet or purple as their dominant color.

How can I tell if my Tanzanite is real?

Therefore, to check its authenticity, view the jewel in natural light and then place it under incandescent light. In natural light, real tanzanites usually showcase a blue hue with a tinge of purple. Under incandescent light, however, the gem will appear more purple and may even display some red or pink flashes.

What is AAA Tanzanite?

AAA – The general highest quality material available, reserved for the very best jewelry. It represents about five percent of all Tanzanite. This grade has a strong representation of blue and violet, with intense flashes of burgundy. AA – The standard jewelry grade of Tanzanite.

Is it ethical to buy tanzanite?

Today, tanzanite is mined ethically in safe and fair working conditions. This unique gem brings an income to thousands of people, and has had a major impact on the Tanzanian economy. Shimansky tanzanite is graded according to Tanzanite International grading standards, and is sourced ethically and conflict-free.