Does shake-away work for deer?

Shake-Away Deer Repellent uses coyote urine to create the illusion that predators are present in your lawn or garden! When an animal detects the scent of its predator, its natural survival instinct compels it to leave and avoid that area. Very effective against armadillos, deer, elk and javelinas.

How do you use deer pellet repellent?

Directions For Use Apply Liquid Fence® Deer & Rabbit Repellent Granular2 evenly on and around low-growing flower beds, landscaped ornamental gardens, ground cover and lawns. Vegetation will be protected up to 24 inches in height. Reapply every three to four weeks. Reapplication is recommended after excessive rainfall.

How do you get coyote urine?

  1. Keep the domestic coyote or fox in a wire pen with access to food and water.
  2. Place a metal tray under the pen for the collection of urine.
  3. Drain the urine into a clean container for use or sale.
  4. Roll the dead animal on its back.
  5. Locate the bladder near the pelvic bone.

What is coyote urine used for?

Coyote urine is a new active ingredient for a pesticide formulation. The registered end-use product is intended as a non-food use, biochemical repellent against deer, elk, beavers, armadillos, javalina (peccary or boar) and domestic cats.

Will coyote pee keep deer away?

Coyote urine has roughly equal power in repelling deer to concentrated Hot Sauce-brand repellent and Deer Away, an organic spray that contains about 5 percent fermented egg solids.

What urine keeps deer away?

Wolf Urine Creates the illusion that wolves are present in the garden and will immediately scare away deer. As an added bonus, wolf urine repellent also scares away coyotes, moose, bears, and cats. This is an all-around great product for gardeners to keep on-hand.

Does granular deer repellent work?

He then pointed out their deer repellents include Liquid Fence (spray, granular, and concentrate), Repels-all and Tomcat. Both products have frightening smells and are very effective to repel deer. You don’t have to purchase commercial deer repellents, you can make them at home.

Does wolf pee keep deer away?

Does human urine repel deer?

Conclusion. So in the end, human urine probably won’t run most deer off, and it may even pique the curiosity of some of them. If you’re going to drop your britches and answer the call of Mother Nature in a scrape or underneath your stand, just make sure that’s all you’re leaving.

Does human urine keep deer away?

For the same reasons that dog urine works to deter deer, human urine also works. You could keep a bottle in your bathroom next to your toilet to be filled up and then apply it around your garden. An easier solution is to have your boys “water the garden” when no one else is around. I’m sure there are other solutions.

Will mountain lion urine keep deer away?

Mountain Lion urine is said to keep deer, wild deer, javelins and armadillo at bay.