Does Republika Srpska still exist?

Republika Srpska is a parliamentary-style government with the National Assembly, holding legislative power within the entity. Republika Srpska is relatively centralised, although it is split into 64 municipalities called opštine….Republika Srpska.

Republika Srpska Република Српска
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When was Republika Srpska created?

January 9, 1992Republika Srpska / Founded
The 72 members of the Serb assembly immediately withdraw – the formation of a separate Serb government begins. January 9th, 1992 “Republic Day” for Republika Srpska. First official proclamation of Republika Srpska. February 29, 1992 First day of public referendum on independence, which is boycotted by the Serbs.

What happened Banja Luka?

The Banja Luka incident, on 28 February 1994, was an incident in which six Republika Srpska Air Force J-21 Jastreb single-seat light attack jets were engaged, and four of them shot down, by NATO warplanes from the United States Air Force.

What language do they speak in Banja Luka?

In Banja Luka, the capital of the Republika Srpska the local language is Serbian. In Republika Srpska official languages are also Croatian and Bosnian. Although, these languages are virtually the same.