Do Gatorade energy chews actually work?

These chews are the most effective at providing quick-acting energy when consumed before or during prolonged workouts or races. With about 30 grams of carbs per serving, it is recommended to have one to two packages every hour in addition to the Gatorade Endurance Drink Mix.

Are you supposed to eat all 6 Gatorade chews?

Product Description. Built to adapt to your game, Gatorade Prime Energy Chews let you call the shots when it comes to energy. Eat all six carb chews before training to prep muscles for action, or in the midst of competition to resupply fuel levels.

When should I take Gatorade chews?

It is generally recommended to eat one packet every hour during activity. Similar to gels, you can also take one or two chews 15 minutes before activity so they will kick in when you need them, depending on your fitness level.

How many Gatorade chews should you eat?

Eat all six carb chews before training to prep muscles for action, or in the midst of competition to resupply fuel levels.

Is it bad to eat too many Gatorade chews?

Gatorade Side Effects Just like any other food or drink, consuming a sports drink in moderation is generally safe. However, if you drink too much Gatorade or eat too many Gatorade energy chews, you could end up consuming too much sodium for general health.

When should I take GU gel?

Eat one Energy Gel five-minutes before every 45 minutes along the way. Hydrate with 32 oz of water to help your body process your foods and keep your muscles fueled.

How long do Gu gels last?

Foil barrier: GU Energy Gel has a foil barrier to keep oxygen out and water in. This lengthens its shelf life. Our “best by” date is 11 months from date of production.

How many Gatorade energy chews are in a sleeve?

Gatorade Energy Chews can be ordered in individual flavors or in a variety pack with a sample of all 4 flavors. The variety pack helps mix things up with different flavors to help fight flavor fatigue. Each Gatorade Energy Chews sleeve contains 1 serving of 6 chews each.

Are Honey Stinger energy chews as good as Gatorade Energy Chew?

If you like Gatorade Energy Chews and you want to use a caffeinated option during your training session or race, then Honey Stinger Energy Chews are the closest to Gatorade Energy Chews. Here’s a look at how the caffeinated energy chews compare:

How much caffeine is in a GU energy chews sleeve?

A GU Energy Chews sleeve contains 2 servings of 4 chews each, and each serving contains 20mg of caffeine. A CLIF Energy Bloks sleeve contains 2 servings of 3 chews each, and each serving contains 50mg of caffeine.

What are the best energy chews for endurance athletes?

Gatorade Energy Chews can work hand-in-hand with Gatorade drinks and gels to help an endurance athlete create sustainable energy. In fact, eating 1 serving (6) of energy chews is equal to eating 1 Gatorade Gel. They come in 4 flavors and they don’t have a caffeinated option.