Can you put a pop top on a high roof van?

The only company in the USA that will put a pop top on a high roof van – Sprinter, Promaster or transit is Colorado Camper Van.

How much is a pop top conversion UK?

POPTOP ROOFS (prices include fitting)

  • ​SWB: £2,400 +vat.
  • LWB: £2,450 +vat.
  • ​SWB: £2,400 +vat.
  • LWB: £2,450 +vat.

What happened to sportsmobile West?

Sportsmobile West Announcement Dear Valued Customer,We regret to inform you that Sportsmobile West has ended their licensing agreement with Sportsmobile, and will no longer be a part of the Sportsmobile family. For nearly 60 years, Sportsmobile’s quality and customer service have been unparalleled in the industry.

Do high top vans leak?

High Tops. Vintage high top vans weren’t much higher than the original roof. They were usually raised from the driver’s side, and skylights were added. However, these roofs occasionally had issues with leaking and undesired light.

Will a Sportsmobile fit under a carport?

This is an ARCHIVED page, please click CHEVY VAN EXAMPLES for the latest information. Sportsmobile fixed tops are available in low profile and full height configurations. The low profile Contempo model will fit under most carports.

Where can I travel with a Sportsmobile?

Better yet, just keep on going for the trip of a lifetime – Alaska or circle the United States with jaunts into Canada and Mexico. Some Sportsmobile owners continue their adventure for years! Unlike larger motorhomes, a Sportsmobile is far more than just a luxury purchase for occasional use.

What kind of Van has a you Tube on the top?

The first full roof size model with the patented dual “U” tube and a mattress bed in place elevating system. Many thousands have been installed on Ford, Dodge, Chevy, VW, and Mercedes-Benz vans since then. Pop the top for a more roomy interior, refreshing cross ventilation, and enjoying the view.

Can you put a pop top on a Mercedes Sprinter?

Important — Sportsmobile is the only company approved by Mercedes-Benz to partially remove the Sprinter roof and install a pop top on a Sprinter RB low roof. Not on a high roof van. It’s very important that a top not exceed Mercedes-Benz roof weight and center of gravity specifications.