Can you mix different types of gobies?

How is big is the tank? Most gobies are going to be territorial towards anything that competes for the same space/food. In a larger tank, you may be able to keep multiple gobies of different types, depending on the specific fish in question.

Can watchman gobies live together?

Well-Known Member. Depends on the size of the tank and how the gobies are introduced. If it’s a large tank, and the two gobies are introduced at the same time, they MAY coexist. Whenever you have two species occupying the same ecological niche in the tank, there is a risk of conflict.

Should I get a yellow watchman goby?

The yellow watchman goby is great for beginners and its personality makes it a wonderful tank mate. They are reef safe and non aggressive except when it comes to the same sex of their own species; so only home one or a mated pair.

Can you have 2 gobies together?

You should be fine to have both gobies in a tank that size.

Can you keep blennies and gobies together?

October 8, 2021 March 29, 2021 by Sean B. If you’re planning on keeping blennies and gobies together, Can they live together? The short answer is yes, it is possible.

Can you keep 2 gobies together?

Can you have more than 1 goby in a tank?

Because of their size, gobies should not be kept in the aggressive fish-only system as they will be harassed by many larger species and many predators will snack on them. Limit stocking to one goby of each genus unless there’s plenty of room.

What do I feed my watchman goby?

I feed my 2 watchman gobies 2-3 times a day but have quite a lot of fish in the tank and a good clean up crew. I feed a small mix of mysis, krill, brine shrimp, tetramin flakes and marine xs granules, as long as its belly looks healthy thats the main thing.

Is a yellow watchman goby a sand sifter?

My yellow watchman does not sift sand. He makes a burrow, and protects it. Sometimes he will drag a small hermit in. Mine sifts every once in a while but not as much as I thought he would.

Are gobies compatible with gobies?

Gobies can be kept in a community tank with a healthy variety of other species of fish. As long as their neighbors are small fish that possess a similar, non-aggressive disposition, and they have food, you should have no problems. Problems can present themselves when you try to keep gobies with other gobies.

How many gobies can I have?

Limit stocking to one goby of each genus unless there’s plenty of room. Most will adapt well to captive diets and a variety of small fresh, frozen and artificial feeds is important. Many will fend for themselves in a mature reef system with natural plankton populations.