Can you connect copper to plastic pipe?

Interestingly you can join copper and plastic with a lot of the same fittings; a lot of people don’t realise you can join a bit of plastic pipe with a compression fitting. Once you’ve inserted the liner the nut goes over the end of the pipe followed by the copper olive and then the fitting itself.

Is Alkathene the same as MDPE?

Blue and black MDPE products for water supply may also be referred to as alkathene, which was a commercial name for polyethylene first introduced by ICI in the 1930s. Today it is more commonly known as MDPE.

Can you use plastic fittings on copper pipe?

When do you need to connect aluminium and copper together?

Connecting aluminium and copper is required more often than you might think. For example, it is necessary if an aluminium ring conductor is located in an industrial area, but the adjacent plants are supplied via copper conductors. Even in transformer stations, aluminium conductors need to be connected to copper bars.

What is the difference between Klauke aluminium and copper inserts?

Incidentally, Klauke aluminium inserts are silver, whereas copper inserts are gold/yellow. It is therefore very easy to tell them apart. Klauke offers reduction connectors to ensure that aluminium and copper are securely joined.

Why are aluminum crimp connectors made with tin coating?

For this reason aluminum connectors are often manufactured with an outer tin coating which is intended to prevent surface oxidation of the connector from occurring. Aluminum crimp connectors are also pre-filled with oxide inhibiting compound to reduce oxidation between the conductor and connector when in service.

Which Al/Cu cable lugs and connectors should I use?

For a durable and secure connection, special Al/Cu cable lugs and connectors should be used. Aluminium has proven itself to be corrosion-resistant in practical situations. However, aluminium is generally an extremely reactive material that oxidises quickly.