Are vxr Astras reliable?

Reliability and Safety The Astra recieved very high scores in its Euro NCAP crash tests with 91 out of 100 for adult protection helping contribute to a full five star safety rating. The VXR gets six airbags as standard and ISOFIX mounting points for child seats in the back.

What is the top speed of a Vauxhall Astra VXR?

152 mph

Power 236 bhp
Top Speed 152 mph
0-60 mph 6.2 secs
Torque 320 Nm, 236 ft-lb
CO2 Emissions 221 g/km

What does VXR stand for on a car?


Acronym Definition
VXR Vauxhall Racing

How much BHP does a Astra VXR have?

Follow three simple steps to get to your desired version of the Vauxhall Astra VXR 2005….

Brief specification overview
Power (bhp) 236 bhp
0-60mph 6.2 sec
MPG 30
Miles per tank 343 miles

What is the MPG on a VXR?

Like most performance hatchbacks, the VXR isn’t a cheap car to run. Claimed average fuel economy is 31mpg but you’ll rarely see this in everyday driving and it will get through plenty of front tyres, which aren’t cheap.

What gearbox is in the Astra J VXR?

F40 gearbox
The F40 gearbox is found in many GM vehicles, including the Astra J VXR.

Is an Astra VXR fast?

The previous-generation Astra VXR had the pace to outpunch its rivals, but never offered the precise handling it needed to be a winner. This all-new version does. It’s incredibly fast – the fastest in its class – but its sophisticated chassis finally makes all that power usable.

What BHP is Vectra VXR?

251 bhp

Power 251 bhp
Top Speed 161 mph
0-60 mph 6.5 secs
Torque 355 Nm, 258 ft-lb
CO2 Emissions 247 g/km

Do they still make Astra VXR?

The Vauxhall Corsa VXR and Vauxhall Astra VXR are no longer available on Vauxhall’s website, having fallen foul of the latest European emissions limits. Instead, Vauxhall is looking at alternative ways of increasing the performance of future VXR models without “six or eight cylinders and a turbocharger or two.

Are Vauxhall bringing out a new VXR?

Vauxhall has confirmed that the Corsa VXR will return to UK showrooms by 2022, and it’ll be powered by a pure-electric powertrain. The old torque-steer prone car’s turbocharged four-cylinder powertrain will be swapped for the 134bhp electric motor and 50kWh battery pack found in the standard Corsa-e.

What Turbo is in Astra VXR?

Vauxhall Astra VXR Gets an AET Motorsport Hybrid K06 Turbo.

What horsepower is an Astra VXR?

Vauxhall Astra Mk5 Sport Hatch VXR Engine Technical Data
Aspiration : Turbo + Intercooler
Compression Ratio : 8.8
Maximum power – Output – Horsepower : 240 PS or 237 bhp or 177 kW @ 5600 rpm
Maximum torque : 320 Nm or 236 lb.ft @ 2400-5000 rpm

What parts are available for my Vauxhall Astra?

Please select your vehicle above to view our range of parts, including Vauxhall Astra wing mirrors, covers and glass, headlights, wiper blades, brake pads and more.

When did the Vauxhall Astra GTC come out?

Vauxhall introduced its contender in the hot-hatch segment with a highly tuned Astra GTC in 2005 and brought more than just a set of wheels and a body kit.

How much horsepower does a Vauxhall Astra VXR have?

The Vauxhall Astra VXR is a more powerful version of 3-door Astra introduced in 2005. It was equipped with an advanced 2.0-liter turbo engine that could produce no less than 240 horsepower.

What is the difference between the Astra GTC and its competitors?

Unlike its main competitors, which were more or less just the three-door versions of the five-door hatchbacks, the Astra GTC featured a different bodywork than its siblings. At the front, it sported a wide mesh-grille flanked on the sides by scoops with fog lights.