Are there any romantic scenes in Death Note?

Death Note is an anime that’s never really intended to show any of the relationships it portrays in a positive light. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no relationships of positive value hidden within the show, either- most of them aren’t romantic.

What gender is Mello?

Mello’s full appearance. Mello is a young man with chin-length golden-blond hair and blue eyes.

What did Mello do to help Near?

Mello helped Near by bringing Light out of his hideout. To understand how Mello and Near were co-operating all this time, we need to know the events after L’s death. Moments prior to his death, L knew he was going to die.

What personality type is Mello from Death Note?

3. Mello: ESFJ, The Consul. Mello, L’s other successor, was almost the dead opposite of Near, which is interesting since the two of them got the job done and successfully found out who Kira was.

Is Mello smarter than near?

Apart from L, Near is easily the next-smartest character in the series, smarter even than his partner, Mello. The reason being is that Near is the one who actually manages to survive. Although he probably wouldn’t have caught Light and made it as far as he did without the help of L and Mello.

Is Mello and Near Brothers?

No, they were just raised in the same orphanage. The reason they look the same is completely coincidental and the writer’s choice.

What did Mello do to help near?

How did Mello find out about the Death Note?

Nearly four years after L’s death, Mello learns about the Death Note from Ill Ratt, a member of the newly formed SPK which, under Near’s leadership, has begun its own search for Kira. Ratt keeps Mello informed of the SPK’s plans.

Is Mello as Stone-Cold as Kira/Light Yagami?

Mello isn’t 100% as stone-cold as Kira/Light Yagami can be, but he comes close at times. For example, Mello does not have a sense of family with the mafia; they are all merely tools to him, Kira-style, and he killed quite a few people related to that oragnization to keep the Death Note secret.

What is the relationship between Mello and near?

They are like two halves of the same whole: Near is the logic, and Mello is the action. Apart, they are a threat to Kira, but together, they are a powerhouse! Arguably, Death Note ‘s second arc wouldn’t have been as interesting otherwise.

Who is the original owner of the Death Note?

Meanwhile, the Shinigami Sidoh, who is the original owner of the Death Note Mello now possesses, also finds out Mello’s location and is able to get there first. Appearing before the Mafiosi, the monstrous Sidoh causes them to panic in horror.