Are magic bullet and NutriBullet the same company?

Magic Bullet and NutriBullet are two similarly-shaped blenders developed by the same company, Homeland Housewares, LLC. They’ve both been vetted over the years as top performers, and their general design is beginning to replace standard countertop blenders.

What is better than a magic bullet?

A: The NutriBullet Original and Pro blenders are more powerful than both of Magic Bullet’s blenders, so they can crush ice and blend tough ingredients with ease. The Pro is the most powerful out of all four, with a 1000-watt motor. Q: Are Magic Bullet and NutriBullet blenders dishwasher-safe?

Are magic bullets good for smoothies?

The Magic Bullet does its best work with smoothies, protein powders, and other non-frozen ingredients. It offers enough power to quickly blend most soft fruits, like bananas and berries, and did a decent job blending leafy greens like spinach.

How do you use the magic bullet with the NutriBullet?

2 Part 2 of 3: Operating the Magic Bullet

  1. Place the lid with the correct blade tightly on the cup.
  2. Place the cup on the Power Base.
  3. Press down on the cup to turn it on and release to turn it off.
  4. Hold or lock the Magic Bullet in place if you want puréed food.
  5. Pulse the Magic Bullet if you want chunky food.

Who makes Magic Bullet?

Homeland Housewares
Magic Bullet (appliance)

Magic Bullet blender
Type Blender
Manufacturer Homeland Housewares

Does Magic Bullet blend ice?

The Magic Bullet will crush ice if the ice chunks/cubes are smaller in size. If you’re using the bigger, homemade ice cubes, they need some room to move around so they can reach the blade. Smaller, less dense cubes will crush much easier. For the best results, combine a little liquid with the ice”.

What is a Magic Bullet used for?

The Magic Bullet is a personal blender that is designed to be used as a space saving replacement for other appliances such as a blender, food processor, and electric juicer. The name is derived from the ogive-shaped curve of the blending cups.

Can I use NutriBullet as a blender?

A NutriBullet is a single-serve blender, most commonly used for smoothies. But they can also make dips, salad dressings, sauces and cocktails. While traditional blenders have a large jug with a lid that sits on top of the base, NutriBullets have a cup which locks into the base to activate the blender.