Are glass pack mufflers good?

Glasspack mufflers dont help muffle the sound. They are essentially a nicer form of a straight pipe for your vehicle. A good Glasspack muffler is one of the best mufflers present in the automotive world nowadays. The design is simple.

Which is better glasspack or straight pipe?

A glasspack muffler is a type of muffler that is designed to increase exhaust sound and also bring some more horsepower out of the engine. The sound is similar to straight pipe, but better- it’s more refined and aggressive. The sound reminded me of the time when I was running open headers, but better.

What does a longer glasspack do?

The longer the glasspack the quieter it will be. The shorter it is the louder it will be. In general glass packs have a low, soft tone. Most of the highs will be totally cut out and you would be left with just some mids and a lot of lows.

Can a car fail an MOT for being too loud?

The exhaust system will fail the MOT if: The system emits appreciably more noise than a similar vehicle fitted with a standard system in good condition.

What is the purpose of a cherry bomb exhaust?

Cherry bombs are often used in a system designed to maximize the flow of gasses and allow as much sound as possible to go through. For example, some of them use partial cut-off systems which allow some of the gasses from the engine to bypass the catalytic converter, increasing the volume.

Are longer Glasspacks quieter?

The length of a glass pack is going to basically only to affect loudness. The longer the glasspack the quieter it will be. The shorter it is the louder it will be. They basically just take a little bit of the edge off of the overall loudness of the exhaust.

Can I just cut my muffler off?

The engine produces a load of noise. NO, it won’t hurt your car if you delete the muffler from your car. The muffler is only present for human comfort. The muffler only cuts off the noise your car makes and it won’t affect your car performance.