Are funeral flowers for the deceased or family?

Funeral flowers are normally sent to the funeral or cremation and sympathy flowers are addressed to the home or office of the family of the deceased person. Usually the flowers at a funeral or memorial service are ordered by close family members or relatives.

What color flowers are appropriate for a funeral?

White –
White – White is the traditional color of funeral flowers, as well as sympathy flowers. The color white evokes feelings of peace, innocence, and honor. White flowers are suitable for any funeral occasion. Red – Red flowers indicate beauty, as well as strength.

Who gets the flowers after a funeral?

After the Funeral: Flowers Flower arrangements received at your home may be kept at home or taken to the service or funeral home. Arrangements sent directly to the funeral home will be transported to the service by the funeral director if necessary.

Is it bad luck to bring home funeral flowers?

But many consider lilies to be “funeral flowers,” and thus believe having them in your home is a bad omen. While some flowers and plants are considered to be bad luck, the majority of them are actually thought to bring fortune to your home.

What should you write on the card for funeral flowers?

Examples of things that can be written in cards:

  • Thinking of you and your family during this time.
  • ___ will always be in my heart.
  • Forever in our thoughts.
  • Gone but never forgotten.
  • Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  • With heartfelt condolences.
  • Sent with love and remembrance.
  • We send you thoughts of peace and courage.

Is it OK to send flowers after the funeral?

Some people choose to send flowers a week or so after the funeral when the initial chaos has passed. However, it can be a nice gesture to send sympathy flowers to the family’s home after the funeral to remind the bereaved that you have not forgotten about them or their loss.

Do you send flowers for condolences?

3. When should sympathy flowers be sent? Sympathy flowers are normally sent as soon as you hear of the death, but even if you send them a couple of weeks later when things have calmed down a bit and the funeral is over, that would be fine and show that you are still thinking of them.

What color roses mean goodbye?

Black roses symbolize death, rebirth, and goodbye.

Is there an etiquette for sending funeral flowers?

And sending funeral flowers has an etiquette all its own. It’s important to send funeral flowers at the right time, to the right place, and in the right situations. And if you’re planning to send a sympathy arrangement, it’s a good idea to be aware of the conventions and courtesies surrounding funeral flowers.

What are the best funeral flower arrangements to buy?

Typically, you should stick to funeral flower arrangements that the family can take home, and which aren’t overly large and unwieldy. This usually includes arrangements like bouquets, floral baskets, and wreaths, and omits standing sprays and casket sprays.

Where to send sympathy flowers after a death?

Here are your primary options: The family’s home. You can send sympathy flowers to the family’s home if you’re a close family member or friend. The memorial or funeral location. If you’re sending funeral flowers for display at the funeral, viewing, or memorial itself, it’s usually best to send them to the location directly.

What religion do you Send Flowers to a funeral?

Baha’i – Most flowers and arrangements are appropriate. Buddhist – Most flowers and arrangements are appropriate. Hindu – Although floral arrangements are acceptable, garlands are more common at a Hindu funeral. Muslim – The appropriateness of flowers varies in the Islamic religion, so ask family members before sending them.